Elephants, otters, sloths… thanks to your support, we’ve made great progress for animals around the world over the last month.
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World Animal Protection

Dear friend,

The last month has been full of major wins for animals, all thanks to your support. Your signatures helped us get a meeting with Expedia Group to discuss ending the sale of tickets to cruel dolphin entertainment; you helped elephants, like best pals Jahn and Sow, live freely; because of your donations, we were able to respond quickly to devastating floods in Africa and treat 1,596 farm animals and pets.


And that was just over the last month! Here’s to a new decade of your incredible support and even more achievements for animals.


Keep reading to find out what else we’ve been working on lately.


Costa Rica has turned their focus on ending cruel wildlife selfies


Our 2017 research identified Costa Rica as the seventh worst country for harmful selfies with wild animals—and they decided to do something about it.

The animals used for wildlife selfies are often separated from their mothers at a young age, handled by tourists all day long, and kept chained up or in small, barren cages. While keeping wild animals in captivity is punishable by law in Costa Rica, there are many tourist venues where visitors can handle wild animals and take photos with them.

That’s where the Stop Animal Selfies campaign comes in.

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Some otterly good news


With the demand for exotic pets on the rise, many wild animals suffer because of the illegal wildlife trade, and it’s putting some species especially at risk. But thanks to decisions made at the 2019 CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Conference of Parties, Asian small-clawed otters, smooth-coated otters, Indian star tortoises, and other animals targeted by the exotic pet trade now officially have more protection against exploitation.

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Take a PAWS and learn about the new Ontario animal protection law


Last month, we broke down the Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) Act introduced by the Ontario government, and identified our recommendations. This December, we were invited to speak during a public hearing before the Bill was officially passed. Click the button to learn more about what this means for animals in Ontario, and how we’ll continue advocating for their welfare.

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What is antibiotic resistance and what does it mean for your health?


Some producers give antibiotics not just to treat illness but as a preventative measure, or even to promote growth of the animals. This causes bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics, meaning antibiotics are less effective, and illnesses can go on longer or lead to more deaths.

The overuse of antibiotics on farm animals has led to a global health crisis.

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The facts about antibiotics in Canada


of all antibiotics in a single year were sold and distributed to food animals


of antibiotics were used for disease prevention in pigs


of antibiotics were used for growth promotion


Happy holidays!


From the World Animal Protection Canada team, we wish you a very happy holiday season!



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