Thanks to you, over 170,000 people have signed in support of ending the global wildlife trade.
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Dear friend,

The pandemic has caused us all to reexamine our troubled relationship with animals and has shone a light on the suffering of millions of wild animals used as entertainment, food, medicine, and pets. With your ongoing support, we’ve already had some exciting wins for wild animals that will in turn protect people and the planet, too!


We are continuing to collect signatures on our petition to end the global wildlife trade, and have already hit major milestones as we prepare to present the global petition to the G20 countries ahead of the Leaders’ Summit this November. Recent news from China around increased protections for one of the most vulnerable species really proves how our voices are louder together. And we’re not stopping there.


Along with our industry partners, we are committed to building a more sustainable future and ensuring that animal welfare is top of mind for sectors including the travel industry, animal tourism, and farming. We’re excited you’re on this journey with us!


In case you missed it: Over 170,000 of you around the world have signed our petition to end the global wildlife trade!

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You’ve proven time and time again that when animals need you the most, you’ll be there to protect them. Thank you so much to everyone who has already signed our petition to call on the Canadian government to commit to ending the global wildlife trade at the G20 Leaders’ Summit this November.

We also joined up with other animal protection organizations across Canada in urging the federal government to do all that is in their power to prevent a crisis like this from ever happening again.

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Major win: Scaling up protections for pangolins

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Following evidence that pangolins may be responsible for passing COVID-19 to humans, China has given the pangolin the highest level of protection and removed their scales from the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the official list of drug composition approved and promoted by the Chinese government for use in Traditional Asian Medicines. As the most trafficked mammal in the world, this is huge news!

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Travel companies commit to building a more sustainable future


Wild animals will be better protected by more than 42 leading travel brands thanks to our continuing work with Treadright Foundation and The Travel Corporation! We supported influential travel industry partners in updating their animal welfare policy using the latest research covering animal nutrition, environment, health, behaviour, and emotional state.

Image: Following Giants

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Continuing the fight for farm animals in Canada

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The Ontario government’s Bill-156, also known as the “Ag Gag” bill, passed in the legislature on June 17 with a vote in favour of 68-22 despite widespread opposition from animal protection organizations, the legal community, and journalists. We spoke out against the bill before the Ontario Legislature prior to the vote, and will now continue to voice our concerns around criminalizing whistleblower activity to ensure this doesn’t become a trend across the country.

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Show your support for animals on your next Zoom call

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Many of us have been safely staying in touch with family and friends using video conferencing apps like Zoom. Did you know that you can customize your Zoom background?

Download our awesome animal backgrounds to show your support for animals on your next call!

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