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Dear friend,

Thanks to you and thousands of other caring animal lovers, we are bringing hope to animals that have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rescued bears and elephants who have already gone through so much continue to be safe and cared for thanks to you.


As we continue to provide aid to animals in urgent need, our campaigning continues to change the systems that enable animal cruelty and put our planet at risk. Our campaign to stop the global wildlife trade has been getting support from Canadian celebrities, animal protection groups, zoonotic disease experts and ecologists who have joined our coalition to influence the Canadian government to take action. Together, our voice is stronger!


While we continue campaigning to protect wildlife, we are also working to change the broken food systems that enable farm animal abuse. The story about COVID-19 has revolved around the connection of zoonotic diseases to the wildlife trade, but did you know that the same food systems that abuse farm animals are also a major zoonotic risk?


And finally, our 2019 annual report is in. Read about how you helped 3.2 billion animals.


2020 hasn’t turned out how we expected, but together, we are stepping up to this new challenge and achieving incredible impact for animals. Thank you!


How you are helping over 100 rescued bears in Romania


With the downturn in visitors to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary, your support is ensuring that the resident bears are being well cared for through the pandemic. Read about how you are helping, with a shout out from Victor Watkins, our global wildlife advisor.

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Two bear cubs are safe at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary


Meet these two babies who were rescued from starvation and drowning. Thanks to your support, they will be safe and cared for. (Warning: incredibly cute pictures!)

Meet the cubs

Thank you for feeding hungry elephants in Thailand


With coronavirus bringing global tourism to a halt, your support is helping keep elephants fed at elephant-friendly venues and our partner sanctuaries in Southeast Asia. Hear from the staff at one of the sanctuaries about how your support is helping.

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Canadian celebs join our coalition calling for an end to the global wildlife trade


Award winning singers and animal advocates Jann Arden and Buffy Sainte-Marie join our coalition of Canadian animal protection groups, zoonotic disease experts and ecologists. The coalition calls on the Canadian government to bring this issue to the G20 and take action nationally.

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More good news! In the UK, celebrities including Ricky Gervais and Dame Judi Dench are calling on their PM to end the global wildlife trade. Read more.


Intensive animal agriculture a major risk factor in the rise of new pandemics


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) published a new report that identifies re-thinking food systems as a necessary step to prevent future pandemics like COVID-19. Our article highlights the report’s findings and recommendations.

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You helped 3.2 billion animals!


Our 2019 Global review is now available! We hope you enjoy the many stories and wins for animals from every part of the globe they’re your wins too!

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