We are feeling hopeful this month!
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Dear friend,

We are feeling hopeful this month as more than 500,000 people worldwide have joined us in calling on G20 countries to end the wildlife trade. Government representatives around the world are meeting with us and looking at the role the trade has played in this pandemic. Your voice is strong and it is having an impact.


Ending the wildlife trade is one of the most effective strategies for preventing the next pandemic. This should be part of Canada’s pandemic prevention strategy, and it must be on the agenda at the G20 Leader’s Summit this November. Ending the trade will also put a stop to much of the wildlife suffering we see in the world. And it will put us on the path to repairing our relationship with animals and the planet. Thank you for helping us fight for this.


In this month’s eNews, we are sharing a roundup of articles that highlight Canada’s very active role in the wildlife trade. Did you know that Canada is one of the largest exporters of wildlife trophies?


Shifting focus to farm animals, we are highlighting the connection between intensive animal agriculture and climate change.


As animal welfare issues become greater, it is becoming more obvious that these issues are connected to so many others. To save ourselves, we must protect animals.


You may have seen our ads on TV and social media. We launched a new campaign this month along with creative agency Leo Burnett. The agency saw our work helping animals affected by the Australia bushfires and thought of a creative way to get a wider group of people to support all animals in need, not just the cute and cuddly ones. Keep reading to learn more about the campaign and how it came together.


You have been a lifeline for so many animals affected by the pandemic. Thank you for being there for them and fighting for a better future for all animals.


What is Canada’s role in the wildlife trade?


When you think about the wildlife trade, you might picture the wildlife markets in Asia or the trophy hunters in Africa, but did you know that Canada plays an active role in all areas of the global trade?

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Reptile expos in Canada: what are the risks to animal welfare and public health?


Each year, thousands of animals are traded at reptile expos throughout Canada. These events pose a risk to animal welfare and public health, yet there is no oversight or protection. Learn more about these risks.

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Concerned about climate change? Eating less meat and dairy is a powerful way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Intensive animal agriculture has grown to such a scale that the impacts have never been more obvious. Eating less meat and dairy is one of the most meaning things that we can do as individuals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

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Is there such a thing as an “ugly” animal?


We have partnered with the very talented team at Leo Burnett to highlight some of the animals that maybe haven’t had their chance in the spotlight.

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