How you are helping animals this month.
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Dear friend,

We have some good news to share with you this month. Read about how you are helping stray and abandoned dogs, fighting cruelty in the wildlife trade, and sounding the alarm about the urgent risks of overusing antibiotics in factory farming.


We also have a story about two of our wonderful donors, Heidi and Michael, who share our vision of a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering.


However difficult things get, we will always be there to protect animals and be their voice. Read on to see how you are helping animals this month.


You are a lifeline for thousands of dogs around the world during COVID-19


You are helping some of the most vulnerable stray and abandoned dogs who are even more at risk due to the pandemic. Our team is on the ground and working with local partners to deliver emergency aid to as many animals as we can. Hear from our team on the ground about how impactful and necessary this aid is.

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You are helping combat the bear bile trade


You are combating the use of bear bile and other inhumane traditional medicines by working with medical influencers in China and making information about cruelty-free alternatives more accessible. Over 160 doctors and five major companies in China have signed our pledge not to profit from the wildlife trade and we launched a website to promote plant-based alternatives.

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Explore and share our map of the global wildlife trade

Nearly one million people worldwide have signed our petition to end the wildlife trade. The trade is a threat to animals, people and our planet. This pandemic has shown us that we cannot go back to business as usual; we must change our relationship with animals.

As we advocate for action at the upcoming G20 Leaders Summit, we published an interactive map of the wildlife trade to share the facts and show just how big and dangerous the wildlife trade really is – and why we need to end it.


Click to explore our interactive map of the wildlife trade 

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Factory farming could cause the next pandemic crisis


Previously, we shared key points from a UN report that identifies re-thinking the food system as a necessary step to prevent future pandemics. Our new report reinforces this by showing the how antibiotic overuse on factory farms leads to superbugs – strains of bacteria and viruses that are resistant to many antibiotics and other medications – that spread to workers, the environment and into the food chain. Consider these facts:

131,000 tons

of antibiotics are used in farming each year.

50+ billion

farm animals are suffering on factory farms.


of all antibiotics used in the world are used in farming.

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Supporter spotlight: What inspires Heidi and Michael to leave a legacy protecting animals?


Everyone has their own philosophy that drives them to leave the world a better place. This is the story of Heidi and her husband, Michael, who discuss their passion for animals and why decided to leave a gift in their Will to World Animal Protection.

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