And COVID-19 outbreak at Canadian mink farm is the latest wake-up call.
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Dear friend,

We did not secure the commitment we were looking for at the G20 Leaders’ Summit last month, but there is still good news to report. Your tremendous outpouring of support helped us raise the profile of this issue among Canadian Parliamentarians.


Thanks to you, our petition has led to a House of Commons petition that will be formally introduced in the legislature by an MP. Your voice is helping to bring this issue into the House of Commons. This means that the government is required to respond, more MPs will take notice, and it becomes part of the official government record.


While G20 Leaders didn’t commit to end the wildlife trade, they did pledge to advance long-term solutions to prevent pandemics – and that is definitely something we can work with and bring to the Italian G20 presidency in 2021. Furthermore, the agricultural ministers on behalf of all G20 nations agreed and called for stronger measures to mitigate zoonotic disease risks associated with the wildlife trade.


Ending the global wildlife trade is a big change, and we knew there would be resistance. But it is necessary to help get our planet back into some sort of balance. Our welfare is connected with animals and the planet; we are all in this together.


We are preparing some big plans to move the Canadian government to act on this issue in 2021. Right now, we need you to sign the House of Commons petition to prove to the government that this is an issue of national and global importance and we’re not backing down.


Keep reading to sign the petition and for the latest news about the wildlife trade.


In case you missed it, we released a documentary this summer. Watch the full mini-documentary Fooled by a smile: An ex trainer speaks out against cruel dolphin captivity.


Our petition to end the wildlife trade enters the House of Commons

A growing number of MPs across the country are supporting this campaign in various ways, including Conservative Calgary Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel-Garner, who recently sponsored our petition so that it can be formally presented in the House of Commons.

Petition e-3015 calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to support the closure of wildlife markets and end the international and domestic trade in wild animals and products made from them that could aid in the spread of zoonotic diseases.

Having the petition formally tabled in the legislature is an important next step as it forces the government to take a position on it. Please sign the petition to demonstrate that there is strong Canadian support for government action.

Sign House of Commons Petition e-3015

COVID-19 outbreak at mink farm in B.C. is the latest wake-up call


An outbreak was declared at a mink farm in Fraser Valley, B.C and testing has now confirmed COVID-19 in mink on this farm, making this the latest case of the virus completing a full circle transmission. It is just the latest wake-up call for Canada to end the farming and trade of wild animals for luxury products like fur.

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Our investigation helps shut down the sale of illegal bear bile products in New York


Following a months-long World Animal Protection investigation in stores throughout New York City, state authorities have seized thousands of dollars in illegal bear bile products from multiple locations.

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G20 Leaders' Declaration: pledge to stop pandemics, but no mention of global wildlife trade


The agreement by G20 leaders is a partial first step towards reducing the risk of future diseases and pandemics of wildlife origin, however, it falls short of the urgent action needed. Read more about what happened at the G20 and how we are pushing for a global commitment at the next G20 in Italy.

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Documentary: former dolphin trainer reveals hidden cruelty behind the industry


Our documentary centers on the experience of Lorena López, a former career trainer turned campaigner for the rights of marine mammals. Lorena reveals how both trainers and tourists are being actively misled by venues, who are willing to do or say anything to maximize profit from the cruelty of keeping these intelligent, social animals locked up.

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