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Dear friend,

January is an exciting month for us because we can look back at everything we achieved together last year. Despite all the trials and tragedies, your support, dedication, and determination gave millions of animals a better life. We are so excited for you to watch our video showcasing your accomplishments for animals. Keep reading to see how you moved the world for animals in 2020.


As we celebrate our achievements, we are also looking forward to the work ahead. Already this year we saw the impacts of the wildlife trade here in our own backyard. A shipment of 59 wild-caught parrots and toucans from Guyana was able to enter Canada and be subsequently shipped from Toronto to Vancouver and onto Japan. Canadian airport and government staff allowed this to happen despite reports that the exporter did not have proper permits, the birds were observed to be in poor health and without adequate food and water.


We connected with Dr. Nadine Meyer, a veterinarian with a special interest in birds who volunteered to go to the airport to feed the birds. What she observed was heartbreaking and the latest reminder that Canada must do its part to end the wildlife trade.


Canada should not be a stopover for the cruel and dangerous wildlife trade


Read more about this news story and then take action by signing House of Commons petition e-3015 calling on the federal government to end the international and domestic trade of exotic birds and other wild animals.

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Watch: You protected millions of animals in 2020


You turned an extremely challenging year into lasting change by protecting 224 million animals across the world.

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The new year starts with good news for dolphins


Our Dutch office assisted the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators in developing their brand-new animal welfare guidelines, advising companies to stop offering or promoting attractions where dolphins and other cetaceans can be touched or are forced to perform tricks. The global dolphin-friendly movement is growing!

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PetSmart must stop selling wild animals


Last week, we launched our campaign asking PetSmart to stop participating in the wildlife trade and to end the sale of reptiles and amphibians. PetSmart is the only large pet store chain that continues to sell these animals. When we all speak out, PetSmart cannot continue to look the other way. So, thank you very much for adding your powerful voice to a growing number of Canadians who demand a better life for animals.

If you have not signed yet, there is still time to add your voice.

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Sign House of Commons petition e-3015 calling on the federal government to end the international and domestic trade of wild animals

Over 6,000 Canadians have signed. We need as many signatures as possible to pressure the federal government to act. If you have not signed yet, please take a moment to sign the House of Commons petition.

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