Together, we are influencing decision makers to put animals on the agenda.
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Dear friend,

As an animal advocate, you continue to be a voice for the voiceless, and by lending your voice to our campaigns you are helping us to influence decision makers to prioritize animal welfare.


This month we are happy to bring you news about how your support is strengthening animal protection in Canada. Read about how we are working with policy makers, enforcement agencies and private companies to strengthen animal protection laws and policies.


We also have a story for you that highlights the great need for better animal protection. The facts about animal cruelty in this story are shocking, but the good news is there is something we can do to change this. This is a good story to share with someone who may not realize the scale of animal suffering and convince them to become an animal advocate, including some easy ways to help.


For those who are interested in learning more about how to find and choose higher welfare animal products, we have some tips that can help.


And thanks to 15,000 of you, we have reached a new milestone in our campaign asking PetSmart to stop selling reptiles and amphibians. Did you know that PetSmart decided to not sell cats and dogs because they recognized that too many homeless animals were suffering and being euthanized every year? Now it’s reptiles and amphibians that are suffering on a large scale and this is placing an unsustainable burden on animal shelters. PetSmart’s hypocrisy cannot be ignored. Keep scrolling to learn more.


Your support is strengthening animal protection in Canada


Hundreds of key stakeholders from all levels of government attended our webinar series about the exotic pet trade in Canada. Two major travel companies are working with us to strengthen their animal welfare policies that impact animals worldwide. Over 50 MPs, Senators and senior staff of key ministries have met with us to talk about the connection of the wildlife trade to COVID-19, including MP Michelle Rempel-Garner who sponsored our petition to the House of Commons.

Change for animals is happening and it would not be possible without you. Read about all of these Canadian initiatives and more.

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7 animal cruelty facts and what you can do to change the statistics


These statistics highlight the scale of animal suffering in factory farming, the exotic pet trade, and in wildlife entertainment. It can be easy to dismiss sad instances as the exception to the norm. These stats put those stories into a larger perspective; animals are suffering needlessly on a massive scale and it is all of our responsibility to do what we can to change this.

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5 tips for choosing higher welfare meat


There is no doubt that eating less meat, dairy, and eggs is better for your health, the animals, and the planet. But when opting for animal protein in your diet, what is the better choice when it comes to animal welfare? We have prepared five tips to help you choose higher welfare animal products.

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Why does PetSmart adopt cats and dogs yet sell reptiles and amphibians?


Did you know that PetSmart decided to not sell cats and dogs because they recognized that too many homeless animals were suffering and being euthanized every year?

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