Our investigation found superbugs in rivers next to factory farms in Canada.
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Dear friend,

Last week we sent you an email with the recording from our Parliamentary Reception “Preventing the next pandemic”. In case you missed it, you can find the recording on our website here.

With your support, we are continuing to engage the government on strategies to end the wildlife trade and prevent cruelty to animals, species extinction and future pandemics.

Also with your support, we have exceeded 20,000 signatures on our petition to PetSmart Canada! To continue raising awareness that PetSmart must end the sale of reptiles and amphibians, we have launched a poster campaign in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Hear from our campaign manager, Michèle Hamers:


Michèle Hamers pictured with some of our PetSmart campaign posters.

“The reptile and amphibian trade causes so much suffering to the animals trapped within them but can also put our health and environment at risk. So far, the support for this campaign has been tremendous. We are confident that our message will resonate with PetSmart and that PetSmart will become a champion for these animals. But, we can’t do this without your help and dedication. Soon, we'll be reaching out to you with more actions you can take to help animals.”

Earlier this month, we shared an article about how PetSmart sells species that are struggling to survive in the wild. Read this and more news and stories below.


Investigation: Superbugs found in waterways next to factory farms in multiple countries


Our investigation, the first of its kind, found antibiotic resistance genes in rivers and streams next to factory farms here in Canada and in Spain, Thailand, and the USA.


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Report: Loblaw, Sobeys and other companies lag on animal welfare improvements


Some Canadian and global food brands are failing farm animals by not improving animal welfare standards, according to our latest BBFAW report.


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Support grows for our Wildlife. Not Medicine campaign


You helped move 313 doctors and five major companies in China to sign our "Wildlife-friendly Medicine" pledge.

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PetSmart sells species struggling to survive in the wild


PetSmart might not sell many wild caught animals but selling species who are under pressure of survival in the wild is equally problematic.

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