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Raise pigs right

Dear ,

Did you know that pigs are among the world’s most intelligent and inquisitive animals?

They enjoy listening to music (which encourages them to play) and they use their sensitive snouts to explore their environment, manipulate objects and root around for food.

On high welfare farms, pigs will have ample room to move and enrichment for them to poke around and play with.

Pigs also display incredible motherly instincts; 1-2 days before giving birth, a mother pig will build a nest to provide a safe and warm environment for her piglets.

Mother pigs have a powerful instinctual drive to care for their piglets which is why it’s heartbreaking to know that most of them can't.

3 out of 4 mother pigs live in a cage so small they can’t move or even reach their piglets. These intelligent animals get so bored and depressed that they bite the bars of their cages in frustration.

You wouldn’t live like this and mother pigs shouldn’t have to either.

Around the world, we’re calling on producers to adopt higher welfare for their pigs and Canada can be a leader if we take a stand.

As part of our global campaign, we’re supporting projects that are proving that high welfare cage-free systems work. And we’ve already seen some of the world’s largest companies make commitments (we just announced that one of the world’s largest pork producers has committed to better welfare for mother pigs).

The momentum is growing worldwide and we’re seeing a real change for pigs.

At home, Walmart Canada has a made a life changing commitment to get mother pigs out of small, barren cages and into group housing with enrichment. But they have remained silent about this commitment on their website.

Please join us in asking Walmart Canada to be a vocal and proud leader in raising pigs right. If we can convince a global leading brand like Walmart to publicly celebrate their commitment to pigs, it will pave the way for others to follow.

Thank you again for joining us to move the world to protect animals.


Josey Kitson

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Josey Kitson
Executive Director
World Animal Protection

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