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Finally free: After 20 years in a cage, Anca finds freedom in a sanctuary

Dear ,

Anca, a 24-year-old female brown bear, has a new home at our supporter-funded bear sanctuary in Romania.

Since rescuing her sister Ina from the same cage in 2014, our partner group Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) has worked tirelessly to free Anca from awful conditions at a zoo in Piatra Neamt, Romania.

“She is an amazing bear, beautiful and so calm and sweet. We are all very grateful that we have finally managed to bring her in the sanctuary,” said Paula Ciotlos, Vice President of AMP.

Life in captivity

Caged, stressed and kept in a barren pen, Anca’s home was a nightmare. All she could do was pace back and forth while tourists took her photo – blind to her suffering.

See Anca's rescue

AMP staff arrived at the zoo just before 8 am local time, where they sedated Anca, gave her a check-up, a microchip and vaccinations. It took six people to carry Anca to the van for transportation to the sanctuary.

Anca Video Thumnail.PNG

The rescue went very smoothly and Anca was curious to explore her new home.

In the quarantine area, AMP staff will be able to assess her health properly over the coming weeks. And then Anca will be released into the main enclosure to enjoy her new life in the forest sanctuary with other rescued bears.

Thank you for making our dream of freedom for Anca a reality. Supporters like you make the world a better place for animals every day.

On their behalf and for everything you do – thank you.


Josey Kitson

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Josey Kitson
Executive Director
World Animal Protection

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