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Wild animals rescued from a life as photo props in Peru

Dear ,

I am thrilled to share this incredible rescue story with you. Your support for our Wildlife. Not Entertainers campaign has contributed to the rescue of more than 20 wild animals from miserable lives posing with tourists at an infamous tourist trap in Peru.

You may remember our 2017 report, “Close up on cruelty,” which exposed the cruel conditions to which these animals were subjected. The venue where this rescue mission took place was included in our report, sounding the alarm for Peruvian authorities and Entropika to investigate.

The animals, including gentle sloths, were illegally stolen from the wild and endured stressful physical interaction with tourists, day in and day out. We were horrified by the conditions in which these animals were kept, in barren and cramped enclosures, with untreated sores and injuries from being mishandled and even beaten.

The growing demand for harmful wildlife selfies is a serious welfare and conservation concern – our online review of this practice in Latin America found that over 20% of the species involved are threatened by extinction and over 60% are protected by international law. We are calling on relevant governments to enforce the law and ensure that travel companies and individuals who are exploiting wild animals for tourism in the Amazon abide by the existing laws.

Every year, more than 500,000 wild animals are trapped in the global entertainment industry, forced to live and behave unnaturally to entertain tourists. I believe that this rescue underlines that wild animals belong in the wild, and will help reduce the social acceptability of cruel wildlife tourism.

Thank you for standing up for animals. Your voice made a difference for animals in the Amazon, and you will continue to make a difference for animals around the world.

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Josey Kitson

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Josey Kitson
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