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You can give farm animals a better life by making informed decisions at the grocery store

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Around the world, billions of animals suffer every day in intensive factory farm systems. Three out of four mother pigs on our planet are forced to spend their entire lives trapped in small, barren cages. Most of the world’s chickens are raised in overcrowded sheds or cages, often with no natural light or fresh air, unable to peck or spread their wings.

The sad reality is that the treatment of farm animals is the world’s biggest animal welfare issue and it’s growing. By 2050, livestock production will be twice what it was in 2000. Right now, more than 70 billion animals are farmed for food each year and two-thirds live in conditions that mean they can’t move freely or live naturally.

Many chickens are even selectively bred to be fast growing; lameness, weakened or broken bones, infections and organ failure are all common place. By avoiding cruelly produced, cheap meat, consumers can support farmers who are doing the right thing and oppose intensive farming.

We believe that humane animal farming is better for everyone: animals, people, and the planet. Animals live longer, healthier and more active lives. And farmers can earn more too. So we work with governments, farmers and consumers all over the world campaigning for farm animals and partnering with businesses to show that farming can be sustainable and profitable.

Grocery store labels and restaurant menus can be confusing and difficult to understand. What is the difference between certified humane and organic? Do you know if the meat you eat contains added hormones or has ever been treated with unnecessary antibiotics?

Being informed in the grocery store can help you make decisions that align with your values and make life better for farmed animals. Find out what’s really on your plate by downloading our guide.


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