We have big news from TripAdvisor and Airbnb, plus shocking data about the animals at risk in Africa, and the wild animals kept as pets here at home in Canada.
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World Animal Protection

Dear friend,

With your support, we achieve big wins for animals, and uncover animal cruelty happening all over the world. Over the last month, we celebrated two major wins from global companies TripAdvisor and Airbnb. We also released brand new data that revealed the 14,000+ crocodiles and alligators living as pets right here in Canada.


Read on for the biggest highlights from our work over the last month.


TripAdvisor makes a splash for dolphins and whales


We are delighted to announce that TripAdvisor has committed to stop selling or promoting tickets to cruel dolphin and whale attractions by the end of 2019!

This is a significant step towards making this the last generation of dolphins and whales in captivity for entertainment.


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Your next vacation just got a lot more exciting

Airbnb Header

We made headlines across the nation with our exciting Airbnb partnership announcement on October 3. Not only did we help craft and implement their first-ever animal welfare policy, but we aided Airbnb in launching its Animal Experiences initiative where tourists can bond with animals in their natural habitat through activities that put the animals' welfare first. Activities include hiking with rescue dogs, afternoon tea with sheep, African safaris, and so much more!

Image courtesy of Airbnb

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Raising awareness on World Farm Animals Day

World Farm Animals Day

We marked World Farm Animals Day (October 2) by highlighting the need for higher animal welfare systems on farms around the world. Here in Canada, about 700 million animals are slaughtered for food every year. Do you think animals on farms deserve a higher quality of life?


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You won't believe how many wild animals are kept as pets in Canada

Wildlife Not Pets read eared slider


turtles and tortoises are kept as pets across Canada


of servals kept as pets in Canada are in British Columbia


wild animals are kept as pets in the province of Ontario

Click here to find out just how many wild animals are kept as pets in Canada, and how that number breaks down by province/territory and by species.


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Revealed: the African wild animals suffering most in the global wildlife trade

Our report details the ‘Big 5’ and ‘Little 5’ animals at risk

Big 5 Little 5

"Africa’s unique wildlife has been commodified - exploited for money, without full consideration for their welfare or conservation - but it doesn’t have to be this way."

‑Tennyson Williams, director of our Africa office

Trading some animals may be legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Our recent report shows how international demand for Africa’s iconic wildlife, including elephants and zebras, is causing immense suffering for hundreds of thousands of animals.


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