We continue to fight for animal protection by lobbying corporations, reaching out to governments, and encouraging policy change.
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World Animal Protection

Dear friend,

We know that in order to make the biggest impact for animals, we need to change systems, policies, and attitudes. That’s why we spent the last month putting pressure on corporations, contacting government officials, and raising awareness about behind-the-scenes cruelty.


Keep reading to find out exactly what we’ve been up to this month.


Efforts continue to free animals from suffering at world zoo association’s member venues


Earlier this year, we released a report which found that 75% of venues linked to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) offered at least one type of direct interaction between visitors and wild animals. In response, nearly 8000 of you sent letters to the General Manager at African Lion Safari in Ontario, urging them to end cruel elephant rides.

We know that these activities have no place in zoos. This month, we attended WAZA’s annual conference in Argentina to continue our efforts to end cruel animal interactions at their member venues.


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Beary exciting news from our partner sanctuary


Thanks to your incredible support, bears at our partner sanctuary in Pakistan, the Balkasar bear sanctuary, can now enjoy even more room to roam and play! Brown bears Bhoori, Reech and Kainat were among the first bears to try out the new enclosures, enjoying the lush grass, and taking dips in their new pool.

Keep reading for cute photos of these amazing bears enjoying their new home.

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New animal welfare legislation introduced in Ontario

November-Ontario legislation.jpg

Following a court order earlier in 2019, the Ontario government has been tasked with putting new animal welfare legislation in place. The proposal, introduced on October 29, is called the Provincial Animal Welfare Services, or PAWS. But is a clever name enough? We broke it down to explore if this legislation will go far enough to protect animals.


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We won’t be fooled by dolphin industry lies


On October 24, we officially launched our petition urging Expedia Group to stop selling and profiting from cruel dolphin entertainment. Unfortunately, the dolphin tourism industry uses a number of myths to keep up this multi-billion dollar industry and encourage animal lovers to participate.

We busted the seven biggest lies being told to you by the dolphin tourism industry.


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True facts about dolphins in captivity


of venues with captive dolphins offer dolphin shows


of captive dolphins are held in China alone


dolphins are kept captive for entertainment purposes


A piglet’s tale


Over the last year, you’ve helped us encourage Walmart to Raise Pigs Right by sharing their plans to keep mother pigs out of sow stalls. But piglets need our help, too. Did you know that piglets endure painful mutilations on factory farms, often without any pain relief?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Click the button below to find out how you can help.


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